1. BUSINESS POLICY (analysis, problem perspective).
  2. Analysis: where is the team, staff responsibility!
  3. Efforts of the team, personnel and administration
    in pursuit of productivity! Prospects.
  4. Compatibility of personnel,
    a work process constituent - profit. High prospect
    of publication, this is personnel!!!
  5. Selection of personnel with partial skills.
    Consequences of profession.
  6. Staff consistency with leaders and subordinates.
    Partner effects in
    personnel - a correction.
  7. In the team, we apply the rule of selection of managers
    and presidents, - profit is more important than the President's
    chair. Profit according to management
    skills - a presidential mistake. This is another
    mistake that the President will change.
  8. You are a traitor yourself, rather than your family members. Your family
    members understand it all, they are knowledgeable
    and reasonable. Useful to attract interest: highly beneficial
    to everyone, a new shift in the past now repaired and presented - a
    consequence to use everything according to custom. Removes the money.
    Benefit is money... you will succeed in improving.
  9. Consequences of using the investment. The final
    advantage: for everyone.
  10. According to the rule: Money and my wisdom are not !
    only an advantage.
    The rule: Wisdom and money still
    equals money. The rule of resemblance according to the donated
  11. By applying the entire contemplation, money is part of the one-day
    contemplation. So think what you should not
    lie. It is for your sake. So do not think.
    Your lies kill the entire situation.
    Only don't lie - the will of God helps everyone.
  12. To do - to tell. This rule is always used
    against an opponent - advantage, assistance
    is a part of your own profit.
  13. The rule: first of all bring some benefits to society,
    and benefits to society will turn into your benefits.
  14. The rule: help single persons, old persons, money
    will be brought and no promises are on sight:
    I. Your own consequence - the handicapped.
    II. Your own consequence - part of your past.
    III. Your presents for personnel
    IV. lots of consequences. Make yourself useful.
    Help your family members sold that they can say,
    Thanks God he has improved. Your family members are happy
    and calm!
    V. Make your family members blessed with a present to them.
    VI. Say thank you to your family member,
    it's a human advantage: save your family members.
    You must be saved.
    Always. We want to use the blessing 
  15. If you turn your enemy into your assistant - or
    even your permanent family member - you will pay a lot.
    Money given for the benefit of your enemy will be useful
    during the final journey to heaven!
  16. Correct yourself. You will be rich in your plans, so spend
    the profit correctly and usefully.
  17. Money, right money attempts
    to make other money. So, do everything.
    Bring a gift on time. Money is not only money.
  18. Give me the money wisely. Allocate a share of
    profit depending on the nature of work. There is only one
    nature, so take it until you are alive. You will leave
    it anyway, you will not die. Help the rich.
    The rich will help you more than
    the poor family member...
    Make your family members the family members. It will not
    help anyway.
  19. Sorry, what else to want? You can't write
    a postcard for the monument of your family members.
    Tell them, this is your share, take it.
    Give fortune to your family members!


The translation is true. The translator is aware of the contents of Art. 235 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Lithuania.


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