Client’ Opinions

Montpellier, France
Construction Manager Mindaugas Stipinas

While constantly communicating and working with Danguolė, I started valuing the world as well as feeling people, their actions and desires in quite a different way. It seems like another space, which I had never imagined existing, has opened up in my consciousness.

KREDO R advertising agency
R. Stadalnikaitė, the President

We have been co-operating with Ms. Danguolė since February, 1997. This co-operation was arranged to achieve the best possible results via the team's maximum coordination and arrangement. One of the most important tasks was to ascertain the reliability and creative resources potential of all employees.

Director Vytautė Matusevičienė

I bought a house in a rush and was already planning how to arrange and furnish it. Sometimes I even imagined myself standing at the operating table and operating or talking to my patients' owners. An employee of mine also began preparing herself for a private veterinary surgeon's work. When Mrs. Danguolė told me that I shouldn't waste my time and energy on these clinics, I felt like thunder-struck. It was hard to believe her words. But now, after certain circumstances have occurred, I realized that the lady was right. I am currently considering the house sale. Truth be told, such change of opinion is very surprising to my very self.

I think I'd rather be bombarded with unexpected information by Ms. Danguolė and make myself to take a thought than swim with the stream, and eventually sink.

Audriaus medžio studija UAB
Director A. Kirstukas

I must admit that I was sceptical about the offer to dismiss the worker who performed the most difficult work, which served as the company's trademark. However, after waiving his services things went uphill. The results were stunning. Actually, they exceeded all my expectations: the company expanded, we found good new workers, new ideas and new customers.

To date, I continue my co-operation with Ms. Danguolė. She helps me to negotiate with customers and advises on the key issues.

Danguolė’s personal designer
Rasa Lazauskaitė

Initially, one or other boss would think such upheavals are unrealistic. Being fear-ridden and lacking self-confidence, they wailed and whimpered, tried to wiggle out or look for other ways to achieve their objectives, but in the end, when the WISH conquered the cowardly fear, they resolved to take a step and had all their plans in their own hands instead of their dying sub-consciousness.

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