About me

Your actions as a whole. Naturally, you understand certain nuances of your business, but there is a number of obstacles in the course of your business. Does not that kick you off the beaten track?
Admit it and be open to yourselves. It is from here you can take off and start, and begin with the Determination, Desire and Intuition.
Power lies not within words but within actions. SKAISGIRYTĖ DANGUOLĖ is not talkative in the process - she works/acts... You do not need a copy of someone else's business. What could it be? The answer is there. „It is, again, a test of your mind and senses". Your Competitor, Family, Friend or Colleague is not always on the outside - DANGUOLĖ'S insights and advice for success.
That sounds nice and tempting - . This is a science directing the course of actions towards a totally different understanding of your business prospects. And you can choose it. Your time is a precious time. ACTIONS - slipping through YOUR eyes, changing the direction of movement and opening the gate - they are so diverse. But you simply ignore them all too often. But Remember the Timeline! Time within the Time, but the Business can be changed avoiding sailing downstream, and feeling the time with your senses, after all, the intersection of the Time and the Flow. Your daily movements. Meetings with Ms Skaisgirytė will not mean theoretical talks. Danguolė will help you to communicate: by monitoring, interpretation and analysis of your work, yourself and your environment.
Ms SKAISGIRYTĖ DANGUOLĖ is a manager of BIZNIO POLITIKA, its strategy guide and project initiator, with the degree in Economics.
Ms DANGUOLĖ operates in the business field through her unique methodology and strategy at international level. Paintings by SKAISGIRYTĖ DANGUOLĖ in the BUSINESS negotiating room helps to achieve maximum results. Ms SKAISGIRYTĖ feels absolutely confident about the nature of CLIENTS' activities since the market principles apply equally to all areas of activity.
The Client's desire and willingness to implement new ideas and boost profits will be brought to life through DANGUOLĖ'S insights.

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